supports and serves veterans in commerce

The core mission of VETS is accomplished via activities centered in the Veterans Commerce Foundation (VCF). This charitable entity is actively deployed to empower veterans with the information and resources needed to successfully enter the business world and develop productive careers.

The VCF goal is to assist veterans as they transition from military service into new commercial opportunities as entrepreneurs and as skilled professionals in a variety of careers.

As veterans and family members of veterans, our Foundation trustees understand how the personal and patriotic bonds of military service create close relationships and a community of common characterizes and community service.   The VCF recognizes the leadership traits and cornerstone values of military service as motivational resources that will foster a new generation of successful veteran entrepreneurs.  These motivational values are further enhanced by veterans who develop skills of leadership and management.

Funding is always a major obstacle for creating and operating business ventures.  We provide access to information and resources about financial, including loans, grants and possible equity funding.   As the Foundation grows, we plan to provide grants, financing and investments on a direct basis.

The Foundation provides a trusted resource and reliable network to help propel veterans in their individual careers and as business owners and entrepreneurs. VCF believes veterans are uniquely positioned to be successful in business because of their mastery of key skillsets that make an entrepreneur successful.

Executive Director Aaron Isaacson has successfully transitioned from soldier to international entrepreneur, promoting the U.S. manufacturing industry both domestically and abroad.  Isaacson’s vision is to use his education, military and business experiences to lead VETS and create a new type of support network focused on serving veterans.

Domestically, there is a wide range of national programs for education and mentoring.  Abroad, veterans with overseas experience have a comprehensive understanding of life outside the United States.  We believe that taking U.S. companies global, they create more opportunities and jobs for Americans at home.

Veterans Commerce Foundation is a non-profit-corporation registered in the State of Kansas, Isaacson’s home state.    Created in April 2017, our regulatory filing for IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status is in process.  Our legal counsel expects we will qualify for that designation so that contributions to the VCF are tax deductible for donors.

Veterans and their families have made many sacrifices to serve the nation, some paying the ultimate price with their lives or serious disabilities.  We offer the opportunity for a grateful nation to step forward and support those who have honorably served in the U.S. Armed Forces as they venture into new opportunities in commercial endeavors.    Please contribute now to express your support:

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Physical Address: 4436 State Line Road Kansas City, KS 66103