We Honor VETS

A new program to honor veterans is one of several VETS enhancements that celebrate our return to active duty. Nationally, there are many business and organizations that already support and provide consumer benefits to veterans on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the general public and not many veterans know about these supportive opportunities. The “We Honor VETS” program is open for sponsorship by firms who already offer consumer benefits to veterans and active duty military. The door decals are constant visible reminders of how a business honors the service and sacrifice of veterans. Businesses who do not currently have any visible veteran recognition are encouraged to become “We Honor VETS” sponsors.

“We Honor VETS” begins its national rollout in our Kansas City headquarters region contemporaneously with the VETS re-launch. Community Media Partners will offer the Honor VETS program to their local businesses starting in 2018.

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How do veterans qualify for Honors?

It’s easy. Enrollment is free. Veterans are encouraged to enroll in the National VETS Archives and create a permanent record of their military service. Qualified veterans who have served honorably will be emailed a printable VETS Identification Card.

Sponsors of Honors may ask for veteran identification before providing the special rewards or other considerations. Sponsor participation is voluntary and renews annually.

Directory listings will be displayed on this web site as the program launches. Dated door decals and marketing materials identify participating sponsors. Each sponsor determines how to honor veterans and rewards may change periodically. The program explicitly requires sponsors to provide “customer benefits” that are more than a handshake and a “Thank you for your service!” comment.

How do sponsors participate in Honors?

Like veteran enrollment, becoming an Honors sponsor is also easy. Sponsors sign simple one-year, participation agreements that are renewable each calendar year. Each sponsor promises to offer veterans who are their customers a complementary benefit or consumer value. VETS does not specify or review and approve each sponsor’s offer, which may be changed by the sponsor on a periodic basis. VETS does promulgate Standards of Practice to which sponsors must agree and may be removed from the program for failure to honor those provisions.

The public image of “We Honor VETS” sponsors is enhanced by the visible door decals, listings in VETS online directories and social media as well as qualified programs offered by VETS local media partners.

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