Welcome to the VETS.ORG free enrollment process for creating an individual record of military service into the National VETS Archives. For ease of use, we have created a series of easy-to-use steps that will help you create a complete record of a veteran’s military service. These include past and current duty stations, ships and locations. Entering descriptions of a veteran’s military jobs, skills and careers will help VETS help veterans seeking educational opportunities, civilian jobs or business assistance.

Step One is to create a user account that sets up a permanent entry point for entering, updating and monitoring information for a military veteran. We call this process “Registration” and in the current version, allows a Registered person to enter service record about one veteran…usually the person who is creating the VETS Account. Only one registration is required. Users who return to the VETS site will need to retain the email and password they initially used to register. This registration information can be updated or changed on the web site at any time.

Future versions of the Enrollment process will allow Registered Users to enter the service history of more than one veteran. We are creating this functionality to allow the descendants of veterans to create a record for any relative who has proudly worn the uniform of the US Armed Forces as far back into history of the Nation to the Revolutionary War.

Registered Users will be automatically notified when the historical record creation is operational.

IMPORTANT: To preserve your privacy, we send you an email to confirm your enrollment within 45 minutes after you enroll, and you MUST click the link in that email so we know you are a real person and not a robot. Please check your SPAM and Junk Mail folders and any security firewalls to see if the email is there. If not, please use this RE-SEND link to generate another confirmation email. Thank you.

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