Publicize your support of military service!

If you have a business that wants to proudly display support for veterans and active duty members of the U. S. Armed Forces, a “We Honor VETS” sponsorship is a great way to deliver that message to everyone who enters your business!

“We Honor VETS” door decals also let service members know they are welcome and appreciated. Sponsors are encouraged to offer courtesy gifts, discounts or special deals to military veterans who display their credentials satisfactorily proving their military service. Veterans who have enrolled in the National VETS Archives will have a VETS ID card. The VA also issues a Veteran ID, as do selected other organizations.

Other business benefits in addition to the highly visible door decals are listings in the Honor VETS Directory, to be publishing in 2018, the inaugural launch year for the program. Sponsors will also receive GPS-driven listings in the VETS Mobile App. Deal mentions in VETS social media and with participating VETS Local Media Partners are available for a small additional cost.

Sponsorship costs only $1 a day for an annual cost of $365, just fractions of pennies a day for carrying an important message to every person who patronizes a sponsoring business!

For more information please email Questions and comments are always welcome!

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